Admirable Hair Styles for Men
Men Hair Style Brad Pit
Men Hair Style Brad Pit
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Very Stylish Men Hair Cut
Silky Hair Cut for Men
Silky Hair Cut for Men

5 Dyed Hairstyles for Men 2017 You Admire 

Dying hair with proper hair dyes is a great way to style your hair. It is not only the cutting style that matters but colors add texture to your hair and define your personality too. There is one thing very interesting about hair dyes and that is you can change the color theme of your hair without changing the cutting style. This is a full change that makes you look entirely different and you can go creative with the choice of color in accordance to season. Fall colors are different than spring and so on. Here we will enlist a few admirable ways to dye your stylish hair and set the trends as never before:

Simple Long Hair

Without any undercut or layers, long hairstyle looks exquisite when dyed. But do not think of 100% coverage because that gives men a blanket like look in their hair. So, do not maintain a shoe-polish like look. Highlights are the best choice to add a classy touch to your hair. The blended look is what turns the people’s attention to you. This highlight dying style is good for all ages and even if you are in your fifties and your hair are graying the new dying method easily covers that without making it obvious.

Undercuts With Slick Back

This hairstyle needs focus of hair dye on the top of the head only and choosing a light shade of brown adds more personality to your look. There are many shades of brown to choose from. Take the help of an expert in hairstyles to know the color that suits best to your age and facial features. Keep the sides lighter than the top of the head to increase focus on the undercut. 

Short Haircut With Side Parting

This is a classic style and goes well with shades of dark brown and, more often, black as well. Get your hair dyed when you have a haircut at the barber to keep the new look stable for a longer time.

Short Curly Hair

Short curly hair has more dying options than any other type of hairstyle. The little curls add to the shine of any dye you choose and your overall appearance is enhanced. All shades of brown including red-brown, sandy-brown and rich-chocolate brown make a great choice for short curly hair. Without changing your haircut, you can change the dye only for maintaining an altered figure of yours.  

Undercuts Blended With Groomed Beard

This dyed hairstyle is superb because it takes in the beard as well. When you go to dye your hair in this hairstyle, make sure that you never forget the beard and with that comes the real evaluation of your facial skin tone. Any hair color that you choose to add texture to your hair must be fully highlighting your facial features and not making you look gloomy or weird. Dye your beard with the same shade as that of your hair at the top of your head and keep the undercuts slightly lighter in the same color shade.

6 Curly Hairstyles for Handsome Men 2017

The struggle with curly hair is real! This is the hair type that is hard to tame and they remain unruly most of the time. Some men even get to the point of shaving heads only because they think that curly hair is un-maintainable. But, to be honest, it is one of the best types of hair that has proven its aura for handsome men over centuries. Here are 7 different ways to keep your looks channeled. So, do not think of shaving your head again!

Undercut With Big Curls

Undercut may give a stiff appearance to a man but, with big curls on top, it gives a very attractive look to your hair. Curls add great dimension and volume to this famous hairstyle. This is one of the simplest ways to tame curly hair with style. The undercut highlights the short sides; only curls left are on top and they are easy to manage and even if you wake up from sleep they do not look unruly. You can fix the length of your top hair as undercut allows you to go creative with the length of hair on top of the head.

Textured Beach Curls

Beach curls are not just about the glossy touch and all but they depend on texture in the first place. This classic hairstyle allows you freedom of using products and going creative in styling because it looks good when the hairs are a bit messy but clean and well-cared. Going perfect and keeping that perfect look in place can be tough and annoying at times. Just keep a good hair spray handy for managing your hair at any time according to the men hair style fashion 2017.

Quiff In Curls

This classic hairstyle is great for men of all ages. The hairs are styled with brush and you have to brush your hair in the opposite direction of your face upwards. Go with this brushing in sections so that you do not overdo them but just arrange the quiff with right height. Do not blow dry to maintain quiff as it will not help in keeping the natural curls.

Bob With Curls

This is not real bob like you know is made with straight hair but it is just curly hair grown long. This is very easy to style. Just brush your hair towards your face and let them fall on your crown. The sides and back are just long enough to cover your upper neck and ears. This style defines your jawbones and cheek line.

Long Curls

Long curly hair usually ends up with curls. Just keep your curls glossy and well-kept for a more textured finish. You can make a low ponytail to arrange long curly hair. They look highly attractive in every style.

Curly Hair In A Bun

Simply collect your long curly hair in a bun and that is all you need to add to your handsome personality. Do not comb the hair and maintain a fine look on your head. Their messy wavy look adds texture to them.

10 Best Men Hairstyles for 2017 that Can Pull Off This Year

New Year is always a very special occasion for many and they want to make it even more special by pulling off a whole new look with Men Hairstyles for 2017. There are so many hairstyles out there but some of them are very special and are often associated with the fresh looks you would like to wear on the New Year. If you are looking for such hairstyles then your search ends here as we have pulled out some of the best hairstyles that you can wear this New Year’s Eve and can have a fresh start to the New Year. Let’s dive into the details without wasting a minute!
Caesar HaMen Hairstyles for 2017

The Roman style was last seen on Russell Crowe and, recently, Gerard Butler came up with this one. If you need low maintenance and have strong jaw and square face then this hairstyle is for you.

•         Suitability: Try this on your fine-to-thick and straight-to-wavy hair.
•         When Not To Try: People with very textured hair should avoid this.

Hair should be cut evenly on sides as well as top. To style it perfectly, push the hair forward and use some light styling product.
Men's Bed Head Hairstyle 2017
It’s just great for the boy bands or surfer-types. However, it requires some meticulous effort to get in style.

•         Suitability: The hairstyle is suitable for curly and wavy hair.
•         When Not To Try: If you have fine or straight hair, don’t try this.

Let the hair grow to at least 2 inches on sides and 3 inches on the top. When the hair has appropriate length, ask the barber to add some texture for creating movement. Hair gel will be needed for pulling off the look.
Modified Skrillex Men Hairstyles 2017
With longer hair on the top and a close-cut side, Modified Skrillex helps channeling your rebellious attitude.

•         Suitability: It’s for you if you have medium-to-thick, wavy-to-straight hair.
•         When Not To Try: Avoid this if you have extreme curl or texture on your hair.

Get one or both of the sides shaved while keep hair on the top fairly long. Style your hair the way you like. 
James Bond Style 2017
This hairdo is notoriously sophisticated and clean. You will exude class and confidence in this one but it requires frequent upkeep to stay in style.

•         Suitability: It’s good for straight hair that is fine-to-medium.
•         When Not To Try: Avoid it if you have thick and curly hair.

Hair on sides should be cut closer than top, and then you should texture and blend. To pull it off, towel dry your hair and then comb for parting.
Mountain Men Hairdo
This New Year let your Mountain Man scruffy beard to grow. It’s popular even in celebrities. To get flattering hairstyle, juxtapose with clean square haircut.

•         Suitability: If you have the hair need for this one, go for it.
•         When Not To Try: There aren’t any exceptions here.

Add some texture to the square cut while letting the beard grow. Just maintain it well yourself. To get fine finish, dab some pomade onto the hairdo and beard.
In recent times it appears as if every haircut works well as far as men’s hairstyles are concerned. The reason might be that famous actors rock those looks. But whether it is the shaggy looks or perfectly coiffed hairstyles, they need good amount of effort and thought to pull them off perfectly. So, you have to make very careful choices no matter what hairstyle you are going to choose. Here we have listed some of the best hairstyles that a common man can pull off this winter to help you in picking the best hairstyles and follow top trends. In order to attain the men hairstyles 2017 you can push the hair to a side or stick everything up if you want.
Prohibition High & Tight
This hairstyle was actually popular in 1920s but has now made its strong comeback. The style is very much trendy and masculine at the same time.

•         Suitability: This hairstyle suits best to those with straight hair.
•         When Not To Try: If you have curly or wavy hair then you shouldn’t try this.

The sides should be kept to shortest possible length to pull this one off. Hair should be faded shorter into your sideburns and neck’s nape. Gel should be used for keeping hair intact.
Disconnected Undercut
Those who are in search of the edge go for this hairstyle. It works perfectly fine no matter what your age may be. Even stars like David Beckham and Justin Bieber have worn this wonderful look.

•         Suitability: This hairstyle will suit you if you have fine-to-medium and straight-to-wavy hair.
•         When Not To Try: This undercut is not for you if you have really curly or thick hair.

For making that pomp, around 3 inches should be left on top. Keep sides at short-to-medium length based on the style you want to pull off. Some strong hold styling product will be needed for keeping your style intact.
 The James Dean
The style comes with pomp and body and is still clean enough to wear at your office. If you know Ryan Reynolds, you’d better know how it looks with a beard.

•         Suitability: Opt for this one when you have medium-to-thick, wavy-to-curly hair.
•         When Not To Try: People with very straight or fine hair shouldn’t go for this one.

Sides should be medium in length with 2:1 top-to-side ratio. Some pomade with medium hold should be used on wet hair and then you should comb it straight back.
Let It Grow
If you’re one of those who just want to let their hair grow, this hairstyle is for you. But remember not to let the hair go past your shoulders. This haircut can be hard to achieve as it takes time in growing your hair to an appropriate length.

•         Suitability: It is suitable for thick, medium or straight hair.
•         When Not To Try: If you have fine hair then you should surely avoid this haircut.

Just make sure not to do too much on the hair when you visit a barber. To pull off the style, just towel dry the hair and apply the desired product for minimizing undesirable pouf.
Flow & Comb
For getting some length, without going for full coif, flow & comb is good for the professionals. The key here is to add some length to the hair.

•         Suitability: It’s good for straight, fine-to-thick hair.
•         When Not To Try: Avoid the style if you have extremely wavy or curly hair.

Get old-fashioned square cut but the front and sides should be kept longer. Use mousse on wet hair for pulling off the look and then comb it back.